Capability gives you the power to move forward.

It’s the key to sustainable progress. It keeps you out front evolving. And it sets you up for next, while making now feel easy.

I’m Kelly, 

A capability coach, speaker and psychologist. I help people accelerate forward with conscious capability design. Anything is possible with the right capability!

The leaders and organisations I work with aren’t content to stay where they are. They want to move forward, fly higher, and create fabulous futures. They’re smart enough to know that what got them somewhere, won’t get them somewhere new—and they’re brave enough to reimagine what’s achievable.

My unique background as a psychologist, researcher, performing artist, and strategic advisor means I understand how to help people recontract expectations of what success looks like. Using behavioural science and social economics, I guide people to curate and align capability for what’s coming, not what’s been.

 veryone has within them the capability to create the impact they desire to have on this world.

Move Forward 

For people in search of progress.

Fly Higher

For people in search of legacy.

Future-Proof Capability

For people in search of sustainability.

Dr Kelly Windle is a consummate professional speaker who can capture an audience from the moment she walks in the room. I have worked with Kelly over the years and her infectious friendly nature allows people to be drawn into her wisdom of the science of psychology partnered with her thoughts and expertise on leadership and capability. She is very engaging and uses personal reflective stories to ignite conversations with whoever are attending her presentations. Dr Kelly Windle has a unique thought leadership brand that challenges the status quo and seeks diverse strategic thinking. I would encourage you to further indulge yourself in her teachings. A speaker that will not disappoint.

Steven Keane Director SSKG Productions

I have had the very good fortune of working with Kelly on many occasions over the last decade or more and her ability to extend a team’s capability through her unique approach to delivering sustainable high performing habits and guiding an organisation through change is exceptional. Her experience in working across a range of industries and business dimension is evident in the grounded way Kelly engages leaders, teams and people, where her deep skills and enthusiastic but no-nonsense approach etches an indelible mark on those she encounters. When I’m asked to recommend someone to help a business work on strengthening and growing team capability or creating organisational structure to transform strategic performance, I can recommend nobody better than Kelly.

Paul O’Keefe CFO Timberlink ANZ

The Timberlink Executive team have been working with Dr Kelly Windle for more than six months, primarily in the area of capability development. Using a stimulating and stretching process that has positively impacted me as the CEO, and also for each team member. Working with her I found to be both challenging and rewarding. It has made a significant and fundamental contribution in developing our team capability as we strive to move to a higher level of team and personal performance. The Executive team will continue to work with her as our partner in this area. Kelly is now also working with our next level senior leaders. I know her ongoing engagement with us will continue to make a tangible and significant contribution to the…

Ian Tyson CEO Timberlink

I engaged Dr Kelly Windle to design a practical capability framework for both our leadership team and broader staff group at Engineers Without Borders Australia. Thank goodness she also foresaw the implications of designing, implementing and maintaining such a framework and designed out many of the potential pitfalls while pragmatically supporting us with the framework and facilitation to implement. I would highly recommend Dr Kelly’s support if you are looking to empower your staff and unlock strategically aligned potential within your organisation.

Jane Hadjion COO & Sense Maker Jane Hadjion Consulting

I worked with Kelly over six months with Kelly providing one on one coaching support with a strategic outcomes and personal growth focus. Kelly brings an incredibly unique mix of warmth, intellect and string strategic orientation in support of complex organisational issues and contexts. She provided incredibly useful insights and practical frameworks to understand key issues and plan an accountable way forward. I found Kelly’s approach challenged me in a constructive way enabling a sustainable path for both growth and development and delivering on organisational outcomes. Kelly’s coaching style is underpinned by sincerity and an openness that instils a confidence that she has her clients interests as her primary focus.

Natasha Ralston Director People & Culture Social Ventures Australia

Dr Kelly Windle is a strategic thinker and highly effective performance and capability coach. I have partnered with Kelly over a number of years and value her advice and expertise in enhancing individual and organisational capability. Kelly is personable and really understands an individual, including what drives them to deliver results. I would highly recommend Kelly and her services.

Jessica Liley National HR Manager BlueScope

I recently engaged Kelly for a sales capability framework. I came into this piece of work with only the outcome in mind – I had NO idea how to go about designing it. Thank goodness for Kelly – from the pre work to the day of work and then her follow up – she read exactly where I needed support and where I needed butt kicking! We achieved the outcome I was looking for, but in a much more elegant way than I had anticipated. It really has elevated my business and thinking to the next level and most importantly, she has built it with a commercial set of eyes. This is not a framework to put in the bottom drawer – it is…

Kara Atkinson Managing Director Kara Atkinson Pty Ltd
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