Dreams are just ideas that haven’t been actioned yet.

I design future capability, and help people and organisations learn now what they need to succeed in their future.

My life has taught me that capability gives me the power to go where I want. It creates options, and allows me to pivot when I need to transition or shift direction. Most importantly, it places the power to go after my dreams squarely with me—no excuses.

I’ve also learnt that it’s not so much my dream that’s important, but the action of moving toward it. Rarely have I ended up exactly where I intended. Always have I ended up experiencing more than I imagined.

When I was a little girl, my parents told me; education and experiences are the only things we can give you that can never be taken away. They gave my brother and I plenty of both—for which I am immensely grateful. I’m more grateful for the mindset they installed in us to continually seek new experiences. For this is how capability is created.

I want to encourage in others a similar spirit of learning and openness to evolving—in both work worlds and personal lives. It’s not always easy, but I believe this mindset is the key to creating capability. For me, it’s also the key to my health and happiness.

I’m on a mission.

My desire is to provide people of all backgrounds and levels with the tools and confidence to evolve. 

The people and organisations I work with want to evolve to achieve something new—but they’re stuck on how. I fix that.

I have developed a practice focused on designing personal and organisational capability. Combining my practical and academic backgrounds, I bring scientific insights applied in context to help you align, curate, and accelerate your capability to move toward what you want.

I have a passion for reimagining what’s possible. I developed this in two international consulting houses where I delivered leadership, engagement and behaviour change programs. I saw first-hand what could be achieved with clear vision and aligned capability.

I fine-tuned this passion as head of talent and organisation capability for a listed multinational manufacturing company leading design and implementation of global talent, engagement, and diversity strategies. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of supporting individuals, teams, and businesses to pivot and evolve.

An incorrigible student, I hold five tertiary degrees including a Masters and a PhD in organisational psychology. I love research. My own has been presented and published internationally, and I enjoy ongoing associations with Deakin University and the Cairnmillar Institute. As Einstein said, ‘once you stop learning you start dying’.

That’s my story so far. I look forward to hearing yours!