Capability (noun) [key-puhbil-i-tee]

1. The power to do something.
2. Occurs at the intersection of ability and capacity.

I am a capability coach. I help you align, curate, and create capability by recontracting expectations of what’s possible.

We humans have very clever brains—but our conscious brain is often lazy. Much of what we say, do and achieve is driven by the unconscious expectations and patterns we set with ourselves and the people around us.

My PhD investigated these expectations and their impact on decisions and behaviour at work. Combining this research with a decade of practical experience in leadership and talent advisory, I offer a unique approach to design future capability.

I help people learn now what they need to succeed in their future.

My job is not to create capability for you; it’s to make it as easy, efficient and commercial as possible for YOU to create the capability you need.

The problems I solve for leaders and organisations are the problems of pace, sustainability and courage.

— Creating capability at a pace that keeps up with your strategy;
— Creating capability so that you or your team don’t break along the way;
— Creating courage in you and your people to step into the future and not stay stuck to the past.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you design your future capability, reach out below.